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what's for breakfast?


Posted 10:34 am, 02/24/2020

Oatmeal and coffee


Posted 10:14 am, 02/23/2020

Banana and coffee


Posted 11:38 am, 02/22/2020

Donut and coffee


Posted 9:35 am, 02/20/2020

Sausage biscuit and coffee


Posted 9:29 am, 02/18/2020

Good for you, Anti. It seems like I eat a lot as you can see from my postings, but I eat small portions, do not eat between meals, and eat with very little sugar (use Stevia, husband is disbetic) and salt and oil are limited. There are just the two of us, so I freeze a lot and use leftovers, so I get by with less cooking. I love to cook.
I have company this week, so I am fixing what my son wants. For breakfast he loves livermush and can't get it in New York, so he wants it a lot while home. I love breakfast anytime!
Today, he is cooking breakfast. I had coffee and a cinnamon roll. Husband is at prayer meeting and wants a pancake when he returns.D


Posted 11:35 am, 02/17/2020

I've mostly cut out breakfast, it's generally a high carb meal with no real benefit.

Now I just drink a good cup (or two) of coffee, and usually mix in a scoop of collagen. I stay full until lunch, there's no sugar in it, and the collagen is a quality protein that's great for my health.


Posted 8:23 am, 02/17/2020

Today is cereal day. I had oatmeal and coffee.


Posted 9:59 am, 02/16/2020

I have company all week, so I will be cooking more, plus eating out a lot.. I will find time to post because it is a therapy for my brain exercises due to a bad stroke. Today, we had livermush (my son's favorite) with egg and toast and orange juice.


Posted 8:36 am, 02/14/2020

LOL. I call that diet food!

Someone is taking me on a much needed shopping trip today, so I had a small breakfast of a banana, toast and coffee.


Posted 11:44 am, 02/13/2020

LOL Same as bout every body else. "Rabbit food" and "Goat food". Grass and cereal.


Posted 10:58 am, 02/13/2020

Oatmeal, toast and BlackBerry jam, and coffee


Posted 10:31 am, 02/12/2020

Tenderloin biscuit and coffee


Posted 12:01 pm, 02/11/2020

I most times get to eat out breakfast after prayer meetings on Tuesdays. I love breakfast (my favorite meal). The eggs and bacon meal was delicious, as was the hot coffee on this rainy morning.


Posted 9:50 am, 02/09/2020

Banana, cereal and coffee


Posted 1:34 pm, 02/08/2020

O.D.D., your wife must like that poetry to furnish such delightful meals! Keep entertaining us"

Old Dixie Dog

Posted 11:07 am, 02/08/2020

Sitting at the table with a big old grin,
With Han grease dripping right off my chin.
Warm spiced up apples and red eye sop
With hot cream gravy pilled high on top.
Hot black coffee drunk down by the pot
Breakfast like this shore means a lot.


Posted 10:20 am, 02/08/2020

Bacon and egg biscuit and coffee

Old Dixie Dog

Posted 10:51 am, 02/07/2020

Stirred up a batch of twelve blueberry honey muffins last night so I ate three this morning!


Posted 9:18 am, 02/07/2020

Pancakes and the best Vermont syrup given me as a gift, and hot, black coffee for a cool morning.


Posted 10:43 am, 02/06/2020

Pork chop biscuit and coffee

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