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West Wilkes Football Vacency

Colonel Mustard

Posted 5:43 pm, 03/06/2020

Ryan Habich to Wilkes County


Posted 6:32 am, 02/11/2020

Why are they dragging their feet


Posted 8:09 am, 02/09/2020

They told one he couldn't bring on his own assitants and had to use who was already there.


Posted 12:07 pm, 02/07/2020

Why are coaches applying just to turn it down


Posted 10:01 pm, 02/06/2020

I've heard 2 people turned it down


Posted 4:00 pm, 02/06/2020

I had heard they interviewed weeks ago. Are they getting turned down or just can't find the right fit?


Posted 9:21 am, 02/06/2020

No one knocking down the doors to come and coach in Wilkes County.. East better count Blessings , Could be a lot worse......


Posted 8:07 pm, 02/05/2020

Why would you say that


Posted 7:31 pm, 02/05/2020

They will have to find someone from outside the area. Anyone that knows about WW wouldn't want the job.


Posted 9:48 am, 02/05/2020

I heard interiews were a month ago that is a long time to not have named anyone. Maybe they were turned down.


Posted 7:21 am, 02/05/2020

My mistake I thought your last name had to be Bell or Greene to get a "coaching" job at West.


Posted 1:16 am, 02/05/2020

Yeah I can see that.. I know a DC at another school and he told me stories about him from their playing days lol. He never was rude to me but I can see that.

Jeremy Funderburke of all people got the Forbush job.. more I think of it the more it seems they set this up to get rid of Johnson.. way too convenient. Maybe he's mellowed out, never liked him when I played his teams in the day.


Posted 6:47 am, 02/03/2020

I've heard he isn't top popular in Ronda. Also there is more pressure from the admin to win in Ronda than any other school in the county.


Posted 12:24 am, 02/03/2020

That would be a dumb move for Wilmoth to make but if he does it is what it is. East has potential to be competitive again in a year or two if he can get those freshman kids to buy in.

If Wilmoth were to leave for another job it would be somewhere in Surry County instead.


Posted 2:14 pm, 01/20/2020

LOL!!! IM sure Coach Wilmoth will leave a bunch of slow white boys for a bunch of slower white boys to run his type of offence ..... SMH!!!


Posted 10:18 pm, 01/14/2020

Interesting. I wouldn't be surprised if he did.


Posted 7:57 pm, 01/14/2020

I heard EW's Coach Wilmoth was inquiring about the position.


Posted 6:24 am, 01/10/2020

Johnson would be a great hire for West. I'd say if he wants a head coaching job, that he would be the front runner for the job.


Posted 2:39 am, 01/10/2020

Forbush's coach got forced out of his job on the 8th so now it's gonna be even harder for West to find someone in the same area who wants the job.. honestly West should maybe do like they did with Hallock and look out of state for someone. They need a drastic change if they are gonna get better.

Or they could even hire Forbush's ex HC.. he did great there and made them respectable again he could do so at West too.


Posted 12:46 am, 01/04/2020

Wonder if Rutz will stay on staff. Idk how their candidate pool will be. It sure wasn't great for East Wilkes after Adkins left.

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